A very special letter: your Wedding Invitation

If you want that something becomes a success, it is necessary to start laying solid foundations; and if you want your wedding to be perfect, it is key to begin with lovely invitations. At Wednesday we are always looking for fresh new ideas, and after many years of beautiful and elaborated invitations, cheerful and modern prints; now we love the idea of going back to the letter style, more private and prepared with a lot of effort to reflect your personality.

Invitations using stamps (flowery ones if your wedding is on an open field, or with an illustration of the church where you are getting married…), bringing back the letter aesthetic, these treasures that we no longer used to write, but that we love to receive… With a perfect calligraphy and carefully executed, modifying the letter sizes to emphasis those important parts, or just to get the perfect final result!

We encourage you to attend one of the various handwriting courses currently available and do them by yourselves, but of course… if you have the time and the skills… if not a fun and exciting part of your wedding preparation could become a nightmare.


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Looking for ideas to give the special touch to your wedding invitations, this time we have gone for the vintage style: wax stamps giving a refined and distinguish flavour, or the modern rubber ones that could be ordered personalized with your names, date or address… A bite of ink, and Voilà! The result is a very personal and full of style invitation.

You could also use a small and thin string for to complete the DIY touch that we love so much.


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Getting Married in… Cataluña

Would you like to get married in Cataluña ?

Continuing with our posts based on the best Spanish locations looking for inspirations for your weddings. This time, we will write about Cataluña, a spectaluar area full of great ideas and wedding professionals that will ensure you will have a perfect wedding.

At Wednesday, we have been lucky to organised several weddings in Cataluña such as the ones for  Aina y Medir, Marta y Edu or this elegant wedding in Costa Brava…. And this year we will be back! For these ocassions, our couples have chosen unique spots like Masía La Garriga or El Far de Llafranc. Cataluña offers impressive and ecletic wedding venues. The variety goes from old Masías (typical houses/vilas) deliciously preserved, to modernist palazzos redecorated mantaining all their essence and personality.

This wide range sets the limit as far as our imagination can go. We can design an urban and modern style wedding, or a Mediterranean and rustic one.

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Another key aspect that we love from Cataluña is its gastronomy. Some of the best caterings are based on this area. They pay special attention to the esthetic and the menus presentation, because the food in addition of a spectaluar taste,  must cause a great impression since the very beginning just looking at the plate-up. There is no need for crazy over-the-top dishes, sometimes, using properly the local products and delicatessen is more than enough to ensure the success.

In addition, we can’t forget about the special Mediterraneo’s light, its landscape and colours… it will ensure a perfect atmosphere for both Catalan couples or brides and grooms coming from abroad.

  1. Gaudí 2. Far de Llafranc 3. Pronovias 4.  Sagrada Familia

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Funny Heels for Wedding Guests

Charming heel for this lovely season. At Wednesday we also think about the guests, we know that sometimes it could become tricky to stand out (always in the good sense) in the weddings, and even more now that the social media is full of ideas and proposal, and the amount of new brands that are arriving. This is why today we want to suggest you some funny heels that could be your inspiration for the next weddings, because it is not only about the clothes…

The dress choice is not always the key element, the accesories also play an important role on the wedding guest look. You can always pick a more simple outfit and combine it with earings, a pursue or a special heels. The flowers and the spring or summer prints are a perfect match to become an elegant and daring guest at the same time.




  1. Barbara Bui 2. Fendi 3. Chanel 4. Giambattista Valli

Always that the event is suitable for it (a younger wedding or an edgy one) give some innovation and freshness to your looks. We are aware that sometimes correctness is crucial for being the perfect guest, but when the wedding and the ambience let you… You can go for a flashy shoe using the different sizes and heel types that some of the brands offer us. Spring or summer let us use a pair of beautiful sandals, transparencies on your shoes is also trendy.

And talking about prints, flowers, stars, abstract designs, animal-prints… All are suitable if we know how to combine them!!!


  1. Mary Katrantzou 2. Paula Cademartori 3. Oscar de la Renta 4. Tabitha Simmons

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Wedding Carpets decoration

Plan a Wedding involves plenty of things and sometimes we can forget about some of the important details. Furthermor, include some elements, not cosidered as essential for the wedding can make it more special and welcoming for our guests. A clear example about this, the carpets.

According to the location of the event, we have many different carpet options to choose. Starting by the classic red-carpet, up to a carpet including so many details will be a great piece of your wedding deco, making it unique.

The materials need to be selected according to the wedding venue, it is not the same a rural wedding, than a beach-wedding, or a urban style one. Thus we need to be pragmatic and use natural or synthetic fibers.


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Decorate the Altar aisle with an unusual colour carpet could be  great idea, a simple and economic gesture that could change completely the bride&groom entrance.

For the one that are asking themselves: “with or without carpet?“, does not always mean being daring; it is just a matter of preferences. You can find them as simple as you like, white, red, blue… and as overelaborate and/or print as you want to dare…

Moreover, if you want to maximize the wedding customization and not just the deco, an idea that we love is to include a message in the carpet… A special sentence, your favourite song lyrics, a future resolution… Or maybe a surprise, we love being creative!

We can also use carpets in the banquet area decoration, they work in almost all the scenarios! Give them your personal touch, and it would become indispensble in your decoration, making everything you place on top of it shine even more.


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Pink Roses for an Elegant Wedding

An elegant wedding must always have a plain tocuh. As Wedding Planners we received more and more requests about weddings which are not restricted to the classic atmosphere. Therefor, from this ideas-blog , we want to share our thoughts about the Extra-Romantic and minimalist brides, that we like so much. And we proposed you… Pink roses for a wedding full of elegance.

We love the center pieces full of roses, but we even like them more, if these roses are from such a relaxing colour. Love, dedication and inocence are qualities that come along this colour-scheme, but they allow us to give a special touch playing with different formats. Crystal brings more transparency and neatness, while using paper provides a diferent appearance, maybe more casual… Here is where we can make the most of our imagination and skills to make of such a common element as a rose, something trully unique for your wedding.


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As we all know, the roses are the Flower Queens, and we cannot forget that roses have such a wide variety of fragances;  that we can use as an extra resource to define the atmosphere… Sometimes we forget that an aroma can remain in our memorie and bring back memories of these special moments again and again… Link your wedding with a frangance, will ensure that you will never forget it.

In the other hand, the classic bouquets which are always very elegant, are a total success if they are mono-chromatic. We can play with a special and uniform colour-scheme matching with the centre pieces, or with any other decoration to close the circle.

We invite you to see everything through rose-coloured-glasses!


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A Party in between Palms: your Tropical Wedding

A tropical wedding is something that many brides have dreamt about, and at  Wednesday we would love to help you making it real. Getting married in the beach will be an exceptional event; the palms, the sea and the relaxing waves’ sound will make your wedding an unforgettable day for all your guests.

night wedding under the palms seems a magic idea for us, but lighting and brightness are not always the best allies. We, as wedding planners, love to play with all the light atmospheres, being innovative is in our NDA!


A beach wedding let us using more extravagants center pieces, the palms or long leaves are always welcomed. If you choose to go for a night wedding, the lights are key, you can use ligth curtains or hanging lamps, both will look elegant.


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The landscape is another crucial feature to think about. Setting the guests tables along a path full of palms and with a breathtaking seaviews will become an incredible picture itslef. We always advise you to use the local elements, the result will become flawless. With a tropical theme and making the most of the lighting, the pictures will be fantastic.

But remember, we are not forced to follow the trends or themes literally, it is not necessary that a tropical wedding becomes a Hawaiian scene… Always, always, always we will work to keep elegance and delicateness…



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Organización de bodas llenas de elegancia.

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