A very special letter: your Wedding Invitation

If you want that something becomes a success, it is necessary to start laying solid foundations; and if you want your wedding to be perfect, it is key to begin with lovely invitations. At Wednesday we are always looking for fresh new ideas, and after many years of beautiful and elaborated invitations, cheerful and modern prints; now we love the idea of going back to the letter style, more private and prepared with a lot of effort to reflect your personality.

Invitations using stamps (flowery ones if your wedding is on an open field, or with an illustration of the church where you are getting married…), bringing back the letter aesthetic, these treasures that we no longer used to write, but that we love to receive… With a perfect calligraphy and carefully executed, modifying the letter sizes to emphasis those important parts, or just to get the perfect final result!

We encourage you to attend one of the various handwriting courses currently available and do them by yourselves, but of course… if you have the time and the skills… if not a fun and exciting part of your wedding preparation could become a nightmare.


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Looking for ideas to give the special touch to your wedding invitations, this time we have gone for the vintage style: wax stamps giving a refined and distinguish flavour, or the modern rubber ones that could be ordered personalized with your names, date or address… A bite of ink, and Voilà! The result is a very personal and full of style invitation.

You could also use a small and thin string for to complete the DIY touch that we love so much.


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