Diadems and Headbands to complete your Bride Look

A bride get dressed from head to toe, and as important are the shoes, the dress, or the nail colour as the headdress. Sometimes, we can be tempted to follow the last trends and think that only we can choose between the fashionable headdress or a boring veil… This is way we want to share with you this inspiration post with more options; or, at least, make you think twice. Fashions will pass away, but your personal style will remain in your wedding pics fo ever and ever…

A more fresh idea to escape from the usual headdress are the diadems and headbands. Comfortable, easy to wear/remove if you want to modify your look after the ceremony and very very very fetching.

The choices inside the diadems world are infinite, here you can find some examples:


  1. Doyle New York 2. Mimoki 3. Eugenia Kim 4. Jennifer Behr

You can go for jewelery diadems, it could be the best option to reconvert  a family jewel and make it look more modern and matching you style. You could choose as well originality adjusting the design accoring to the wedding season, cotton branches for a winter wedding, or spring butterflies, everything can be used!

Another possibility are the “organic headbands” based on leafs or nature elements, for an outdoor, rural or fresh wedding they are simply perfect.

We are used to think about modern accesories for the bride look, and directly our minds move to golden colours, but often the silver options are a better choice if you want to match with some white gold for example. But the variety does not end with silver or gold… Also there is the possibility to include a colour in your diadem. Simple colour gems and stones could light up and give vitality to every bride look. Would you dare?


  1. Monique Lhuillier 2. Shopstyle 3. Eugenia Kim 4.  Nordstrom

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