Pink Roses for an Elegant Wedding

An elegant wedding must always have a plain tocuh. As Wedding Planners we received more and more requests about weddings which are not restricted to the classic atmosphere. Therefor, from this ideas-blog , we want to share our thoughts about the Extra-Romantic and minimalist brides, that we like so much. And we proposed you… Pink roses for a wedding full of elegance.

We love the center pieces full of roses, but we even like them more, if these roses are from such a relaxing colour. Love, dedication and inocence are qualities that come along this colour-scheme, but they allow us to give a special touch playing with different formats. Crystal brings more transparency and neatness, while using paper provides a diferent appearance, maybe more casual… Here is where we can make the most of our imagination and skills to make of such a common element as a rose, something trully unique for your wedding.


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As we all know, the roses are the Flower Queens, and we cannot forget that roses have such a wide variety of fragances;  that we can use as an extra resource to define the atmosphere… Sometimes we forget that an aroma can remain in our memorie and bring back memories of these special moments again and again… Link your wedding with a frangance, will ensure that you will never forget it.

In the other hand, the classic bouquets which are always very elegant, are a total success if they are mono-chromatic. We can play with a special and uniform colour-scheme matching with the centre pieces, or with any other decoration to close the circle.

We invite you to see everything through rose-coloured-glasses!


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