Wedding Carpets decoration

Plan a Wedding involves plenty of things and sometimes we can forget about some of the important details. Furthermor, include some elements, not cosidered as essential for the wedding can make it more special and welcoming for our guests. A clear example about this, the carpets.

According to the location of the event, we have many different carpet options to choose. Starting by the classic red-carpet, up to a carpet including so many details will be a great piece of your wedding deco, making it unique.

The materials need to be selected according to the wedding venue, it is not the same a rural wedding, than a beach-wedding, or a urban style one. Thus we need to be pragmatic and use natural or synthetic fibers.


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Decorate the Altar aisle with an unusual colour carpet could be  great idea, a simple and economic gesture that could change completely the bride&groom entrance.

For the one that are asking themselves: “with or without carpet?“, does not always mean being daring; it is just a matter of preferences. You can find them as simple as you like, white, red, blue… and as overelaborate and/or print as you want to dare…

Moreover, if you want to maximize the wedding customization and not just the deco, an idea that we love is to include a message in the carpet… A special sentence, your favourite song lyrics, a future resolution… Or maybe a surprise, we love being creative!

We can also use carpets in the banquet area decoration, they work in almost all the scenarios! Give them your personal touch, and it would become indispensble in your decoration, making everything you place on top of it shine even more.


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